Our Hotel

The Xheko Imperial Hotel is located in the center of city, in an ideal location on “Ibrahim Rugova” street, just behind the Albanian Presidency and close to the National Park of Tirana.The history of the Xheko Imperial Hotel began with two brothers, Agron and Albert Xheko, each who had more than 30 years experience in hospitality industry, specializing in hotel and cuisine.In 1977, Agron started as a cook at the Dajti Hotel and graduated to Chef by 1983. To further his carrier he went to Germany in 1989 to specialize in international cuisine.

Upon his return in 1993 he and Albert opened the “Carlsberg” Restaurant. There he created special dishes befitting the clientele that included ambassadors, directors of state, diplomatic corps, artists and international businessmen.Based on the success of the restaurant, in 1999, Agron build the Hotel “President”, a 4 star establishment according to European standards.

In 2004, construction began to expend the hotel including luxury rooms, a roof top restaurant opened during the summer, renovation of the original “Carlsberg” Restaurant, a new wine bar, a conference center named “White Camellia”, all in the style of landmark hotels like the Ritz, George V, and Crillon.

He completed the construction in 2008 and renamed the hotel “Xheko Imperial”. Future expansion of the hotel will include swimming pool, extension of the reception area, new lobby, additional parking, fitness center and more conference rooms.When asked about the key to his success, Agron says – “Success comes through hard work”.